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Writing this blog has mostly served as a learning experience for me. But there is a lot of information on this blog which I hope you will find useful. Just write to me if you want to discuss more about any particular aspect of social development -- I'd love to hear from you.

Politics, Policies, and Media
As P.Sainath said in the context of rural empowerment, "No amount of social work done by NGOs can produce the same effect as land reform schemes implemented by the government". In other words, small/large scale social entrepreneurial projects are great, but the government cannot ignore its responsibilities to formulate appropriate policies and provide a conducive operating environment for the economy. I also believe that media plays a great role in a democracy, and is responsible for voicing the opinions and needs of the people to the government.

The economic lives of the poor
The persistence of underdevelopment
Local content development
Raghav radio station
Indians find information too costly
Content development to bridge the digital divide
Citizen journalism
The year of the global citizen
Janaagraha: participatory democracy
Viplav Communications
Kalam's digital dream for India

Social Equality, Justice, and Corruption
Love (for other people) are justice are closely tied to one other. Apart from ensuring a just and fair environment, free from corruption, awareness must be created among people to preserve social equality and peace.

Participatory rural appraisal
Shame the corrupt with Rs. 0
Friends Without Borders
Health of Humanity, by Larry Brilliant
Kalam suggests study on judicial delays
Elections in Bihar
Narayana Murthy blasts corrupt politicians

India Shining (! or ?)
Some contemporary topics of discussion about India.

World Bank to give $944 million loan to India
Indian economy overview
President Kalam at the CII summit
Kalam for 10% GDP growth
Keep going... But how?

Social empowerment
This sections outlines many interesting and fantastic projects going on around the world. The characteristics of each successful project include, (a) having a holistic approach to social development, rather than a focus to solve a single point problem, (b) remaining operationally and financially self-sustainable so that the initiative does not die but produces long ranging effects, and (c) being replicable in other places by other people after having demonstrated a working model.

Some inspiring stories...

Effective social entrepreneurship
Some Ashoka Fellows from India working on ICT for development
Profits with a conscience
Unselfish technologists
Sarah Mclachlan: World on Fire
Filling the void

Developing technology
The poor do not need cheaply produced technology, but the best technology developed differently so that it is affordable by the poor.

Animal power
Development alternatives
Gadgets for the poor

Rural employment
Most following sections expand on initiatives that generate rural employment in different ways, but this section sets a context for them.

Village for sale
The woes of relocation
SEZ plans: Boon or bane
Bharat Nirman
Rural employment

Of primary importance to any economy, and it applies across multiple areas -- education, media, healthcare, finance...

Role of communication technologies in development
Africans pay $1800 for 1GB of data
Long distance WiFi
Motorola to offer services via post-office
Disaster warning pilot project
PCOs book 50 cr private call
Book: Wireless Networking for the Developing World
Microsoft to put poor online by cellphone
Fishermen in Kerala
Tetherless communication
Vegetable vendors to sell CDMA phones
Broadband on power lines
BBC on rural connectivity
Vanu Bose on SDR as an answer to rural communication
Pedal power to run VoIP on WiFi
Rural telephony in India
Cellphone use changes life in Africa
Options for wireless telephony in rural areas
Net and phone connection for every man and woman
GNU Radio, WiFi VoIP, AM/FM, and more...

Power supply
Economies like India and China are completely energy driven, and the tremendous growth rates being enjoyed right now can only be sustained if the energy requirements are met. Sustaining the growth rates is essentially if the poor living in the countryside below poverty levels are to be uplifted out of their age-old misery.

Going nuclear
Battery brigades
Airborne wind power
India's first community power plant
Ocean power
Setting up wind turbine farms
Fuel efficient stoves
Time to wake up
Perpetual motion machines
Vertical axis wind turbines
Bright prospects for renewable energy

Humans have always used up natural resources faster than they could be replaced. Unsustainable agriculture was responsible for the fall of the Mayan and Sumerian civilization, and today's civilizations seem to be heading down the same path with global warming having accelerated climate change, and GM crops rapidly destroying biodiversity.

Adaptation to climate change
Ocean reforestation to counter global warming
Fritz report
Dam realities
Watershed development
Sulabh International
Plastic waste recyclying
Waste Concern
Gram Vikas
Ship breaking industry

60% of the Indian population is employed in the agricultural industry, and it constitutes 28% of the annual GDP. No discussion on social entrepreneurism can be complete without a section on new agricultural practices for helping the farmers.

Arid area greenhouse
Sustainable agriculture
High tech mandis
Emerging agricultural missions
Food crisis
The story of wheat
Kalam calls for global monsoon research
Drumstick cultivation in drought prone areas
Agricultural development in ACP countries
ITC e-Choupals

Health care
Lack of appropriate medical aid operates in a cruel vicious cycle, and is alone the most important factor responsible for poverty.

Health and education in India
Nearly half of Indian children are undernourished
Using the Sun to sterilize water
Smart-card way to self-esteem
Birthing suit could save lives
Super-resistant TB
The other side of the story: rural healthcare
Rural practice must for doctors
Energy efficient water purifier
Awareness about health and hygiene
Mobile phones for detection of breast cancer
Zero infant mortality rates
Grand challenges in global health
Voxiva: connecting you and your world
Jaipur Foot
Selling soap: handwash or eyewash?
Aravind Eye Care System
Why are people poor?
Flying doctors to the rescue
Point-of-care diagnostic system
Barefoot College

Banking and finance
Microfinance has helped alleviate innumerable numbers out of poverty, but there's much more to it than just lending money.

Rural banking
Online donations
Deutsche MF focuses on rural India
Microfinance creating roads to energy
Philanthropist Google
Micro venture capitalism
Grameen Bank
Micro-financing: The Gains and the Resistance

This is the building block of any progress made by humans. Learnings by our ancestors have been passed down over the ages and improved continuously and rapidly because of the evolution of speech and writing.

Carnegie libraries
Message in a doodle
Games and education
Kenya pilots handheld education
Sure Start Child Care

Better infrastructure enables faster economic growth, and transport forms a big chunk of it.

India's superhighway into the 21st century
The despairing infrastructure

Information technology
Computers have revolutionized the way the developed world works, and are fully capable of doing so for the developing world.

Open source speech recognition
Cellphone disassembly
Very low cost Internet access in rural areas using KioskNet
OpenFM: Open source FM radio station
Low cost Solo computer for Africa
Importance of open-source
Women based ICT enterprises
Computer access for the blind
Bill Gates mockes the 100$ laptop
Microsoft on rural development
Software for NGOs
PCs for the poor
e-Gov projects
The 100$ laptop
The 99$ Ubuntu computer
Bug free PC from Intel

The very first asset required by all. And one of the greatest contributors to economic growth because of its indirect requirements from many other sectors.

Inside Dharavi
Reconstruction and rehabilitation
Designing better shelter
Construmex: building homes

There is a lot of fortune at the bottom of the pyramid, and if tapped properly, it can help generate even more fortune and reduce poverty.

Rural FMCG sales outrun towns
The public distribution system
HLL Shakti dealers
Casas Bahia

Fair trade
Prevent exploitation, generate employment, and also produce some of the most beautiful handicrafts -- what else could be better?

Orissa's Sambalpuri Weavers: From boom to bust
Mirzapur carpet weavers
World of Good

Disaster relief
Natural disasters will always occur, but they can surely be handled in better ways.

Disaster relief communication kits
Knowing the problems

Disclaimer: None of the above categorization is hard. Many articles belong to more than one category.

TIER Workshop 2005
Conference on broadband wireless access for rural areas
Schwab Foundation
NHC: NRI Home Coming

I believe that both economic upliftment of society [4,8, 9], and creation of a political state condusive to economic development [1, 2, 7, 9], are essential components to bring about a social change [3, 5] in the developing countries of the world.

[1] On Policies and Paradigms [Aug 2007]
[2] A Proposal to Provide Media Services in Rural Areas [Jul 2007]
[3] The Sisyphuses' of Today [May 2007]
[4] The Big Bang: Globalization plus Social Entrepreneurism [Jan 2006]
[5] The Nature of Education [Jan 2006]
[6] Socialist Companies for a Socialist Democracy [Dec 2005]
[7] What India Needs: The Role of Media and Society [Dec 2005]
[8] Social Entrepreneurism: A New Perspective to Development [Sept 2005]
[9] India: A Democracy? [Jul 2002]

Things that I am involved in directly.

Contribute at NGO Post
India trip [May 2006]
Micro-finance and the Need for Understanding Society [Udai SJC presentation]

Call for pointers
If you come across any interesting information that you feel should be mentioned here, then please email me about it: aaditeshwar AT gmail DOT com.


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